Sketchnote: From Diversity and Inclusion Tick Boxes to Anti-racism

Sketchnote: From Diversity and Inclusion Tick Boxes to Anti-racism


The AMA commissioned Mandy Johnson, Sketchnotes UK to create sketchnotes for some of the key sessions in its 2021 Conference, Change for Good. This beautifully illustrated sketchnote draws out the key points from the panel discussion: From Diversity and Inclusion Tick Boxes to Anti-racism.

This sketchnote was based on a session at the AMA's Conference Change For Good, 2021.

Panel: From Diversity and Inclusion Tick Boxes to Anti-Racism

This panel session heard from people from different parts of the cultural sectors, with different perspectives, on what they see as the change that we as individuals and organisations need to work towards. The panel was chaired by Collette Philip from Brand by Me.

Amy Allard-Dunbar | Intercultural Youth Scotland
Collette Phillip | Brand by Me
Jon Cornejo | Anti-Racism Consultant
Dr Sita Thomas | Fio
Thanh Sinden | Consultant


Sketchnote by Mandy Johnson


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Transcript of text

From Diversity and Inclusion Tick Boxes to Anti-racism

AMA Conference Panel Discussion, 21st October 2021

For many organisations diversity and inclusion is just an item on the agenda: hashtags, tokenistic, performative

Racism is deep rooted

All organisations can do the deep work

It takes deep work to unpick it - whiteness, culture, privilege, power

Going back to the start - mission, vision, purpose

Anti-racism work needs to be rooted to the cause/purpose of the organisation. And learning, transforming as we go.

Comms people can become gatekeepers. Holding onto budgets rather than distributing across communities. Gatekeeper role can be used to help or hinder anti-racist work.

People recognise tick-box programmes

Anti-racism work can take its toll on people of colour. It requires proper investment- money, space, support. Wellbeing needs to be at the heart.

Too often white people in power assume people of colour will do this work for free, on top of their day jobs.

Power? Unpaid work - paid work

Who are you accountable to? Involve, engage and consult black and global majority partners from the start.

Co-creation is key!

Anti-racism work takes real commitment This means resourcing things properly and sustainably. Taking a long view. Being thoughtful. Reflective development. Redistribution of power. Be aware of what stops you doing this work.

Monitoring and evaluation. We need to listen to and for feedback before hosting an event. It can be traumatic to step into a space that isn't for you. Don't fall into the trap of meaningless numbers vs culture, vibes and lived experience.

We need to think about the narrative

Arts narrative can transform culture as a whole. We can reframe narratives. What is seen as positive and negative?

What's our story?? How can we centre things differently?

  • Step back
  • Listen
  • Think about the impact


Embedding honesty and transparency before jumping on hashtags.

Some questions to ask:

Who is in your staff team?

Who are your freelancers?

Are we doing to rather than for and with?

Who are the people missing?

What do they need/want?




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