Six points to consider before making a marketing video

Six points to consider before making a marketing video

By Marliese Andexer


When planning a marketing video it is important to identify its target audience and marketing objectives, and to ensure content is not overshadowed by artistic expression. A distribution strategy needs to be devised and, wherever possible, outcomes measured. This comprehensive guide identifies six key points to consider when planning a marketing video to ensure the video is first and foremost a marketing tool.

1. What marketing objective will the video satisfy? In other words, what’s it for?

  • Selling tickets?
  • Building awareness?
  • Key message to members of your organisation?
  • As a tool to pitch for future funding?

The marketing objective informs everything about your video, from length to distribution method. If you can’t answer this simple question, it might not be time for a video. Driving ticket sales for an event? Your video should have a clear and simple call to action on why and how to buy tickets, it should not be overly informative but quickly convey the essence and unique selling points (USPs) of the event, with show footage and/or audience reactions.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013