Running a fundraising gala for the first time

Running a fundraising gala for the first time

By Academy of Ancient Music (AAM)


Founded in 1973, the Academy of Ancient Music (AAM) performs baroque and classical music in the style and spirit in which it was first performed. In this case study, the AAM describes the planning process involved in organising a fundraising gala to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. It was the AAM’s first gala in their 40 year history and it proved a huge success surpassing expectations.

The process started with the recruitment of the Chair and Members of the gala committee. The AAM was fortunate to have an existing member of their Development Committee who was keen to take the role of Chair and who had past experience of galas. Brittany and Bethan then worked with the Chair to come up with a list of suggested members, and the Chair reached out to them with support from AAM staff. Each member of the committee was met to ensure that they understood their role, and was given a written copy of the expectations (including selling tables and sourcing auction prizes). The Gala Committee of 20 people were given creative agency, which was crucial in keeping them involved and giving them a sense of ownership.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2015