RSC on blogging behind the scenes

RSC on blogging behind the scenes

By Kate Feld


The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) invite members of the cast of each production to blog about their experiences through the rehearsal period. These blogs provide a fascinating insight into the actor's life and the making of theatre at one of the world's renowned classical companies. In this case study, writer and blogging consultant Kate Feld speaks to Danny Evans, RSC Content manager about how it all happens.

Kate Feld: What is the general aim of the RSC blogs?

Danny Evans: To give people an insight into the process, to see behind the scenes and learn things they wouldn‘t otherwise know about. I think it just gives a really good insight into what life is really like for an actor. The actors make the whole process seem more human, they talk about what they’re worried about. The actors we tend to get blogging will often have understudy responsibilities as well, so it’s always nice to read about that process.

KF: How does the blogging process work?

DE: When the actors are cast in a show usually there’s an opportunity to meet them early on. I go along and do a little spiel about writing for the blog. I try to make it clear that it’s not a huge time commitment because they’re very busy.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013