Reviewing arts marketing practice

Reviewing arts marketing practice

By Sally Worman


Is it really worth spending time reviewing our marketing practice when we are so busy doing what we do? Is pausing activity to review what we do terrifying, unnecessary navel-gazing or an essential process? What is the impetus behind our decisions to take stock and how do we know where to start? Sally Worman embarks on a project of reviewing marketing practice at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts.

So, we can no longer rely on the brochure to generate the majority of sales. At the beginning of every season, I put together a marketing plan which is more or less the same for every event – scheduling press coverage, writing a direct mail, planning a targeted eflyer and researching the best places and events to send flyers to. If this hasn’t changed in the last four years, but audience spending habits have, it is obvious that something needs to be addressed.

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013