Research brief samples

Research brief samples

By Cath Hume


Example research briefs for use in commissioning organisations or consultants to carry out research.

Sample research brief: The Stables

The Stables is looking to commission an organisation or consultant(s) to carry out research to inform its strategic marketing and audience development plan. The strategic marketing and audience development plan will support the organisation’s business plan and will aim to:

  • Increase attendances
  • Develop audiences for new strands of work
  • Develop new audiences for the organisation as a whole

The Stables was founded as a registered charity (Wavendon AllMusic Plan) in 1969 by the world-famous jazz musicians Sir John Dankworth and Dame Cleo Laine. The Stables is a live music venue situated on the outskirts of the city of Milton Keynes.

Vision and mission:
The Stables' vision is 'to engage the widest range of people with music in all its diversity'. The organisation's mission for the next five years is 'to develop The Stables and its brand in order to challenge perceptions and satisfy people's changing musical needs, striving for equality of access and quality of experience at all times and ensuring creative and operational integrity at its core'.

Over 200 concerts and musical events are presented at The Stables each year, providing a varied musical programme of all genres including pop, rock, jazz, classical, blues, soul, folk and world music. The Stables' Education Programme is central to its vision, encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in music.

Current position:
In October 2000 The Stables opened a new 400 seat theatre, which was the result of phase one of a long term development process. Phase two is now underway and the redevelopment of an old bar/foyer into a cafe bar that can accommodate up to 120 people for intimate performances has begun.

Purpose of the research

Research Aim:
The aim of this research is to provide The Stables with the information it needs to develop a successful strategic marketing and audience development plan.

Research objectives and information needs:
1. Explore current and potential visitors' recommendations for programming the new
• What artists and groups do visitors and non-visitors want to see in the new space?
• Are there other ways that visitors and non-visitors would like to see the space being

2. Complete a demographic profile of The Stables' current visitors
• The age, ethnicity, gender of current visitors
• Where current visitors are coming from

3. Identify current visitor attendance patterns
• What is the current frequency and turnover (churn) of The Stables' visitors?
• What are the averages in terms of number of people per booking and spend per booker?
• Do The Stables visitors attend events from more than one genre – what is the current crossover?

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2012