Raising funds for new acquisitions through digital giving

Raising funds for new acquisitions through digital giving



Launched by the National Funding Scheme (NFS) in May 2013, DONATE is a dedicated mobile giving tool for the arts and heritage sector. This case study by NFS describes how the Holburne Musuem in Bath adopted DONATE as its primary fundraising platform for its campaign to purchase a beadwork basket dating around 1670. It is a good example of how digital giving can be used as part of a specific time-limited fundraising campaign.


  • The Holburne’s cause supports DONATE’s proposition that people will give at the point of engagement if they feel an emotional connection to the ‘ask’
  • Focusing on the cause rather than the platform is what drives donations
  • By integrating DONATE across fundraising, marketing and web channels, the journey from the ‘ask’ to the ‘give’ is seamless
  • Committing resource to communications and marketing of the cause is key; don’t view DONATE as a stand-alone solution
  • Web app appears to be a far more popular channel for giving than SMS
  • DONATE is proving to be a cost-effective tool
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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014