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27th November 2013 Sara Lock

Raising awareness of mainstream arts among ethnic minorities

By: Philly Desai, Ron McAllister, George Matheson

This report examines the findings of a qualitative research project examining ethnic minority attitudes to the arts. Focusing on the experiences of the Hudawi Cultural Centre and Lawrence Batley Theatre, both in Huddersfield, it looks at the triggers and barriers to attendance. It concludes that to raise awareness of mainstream arts, a strategic partnership is key, including a community outreach strategy and joint programming.

A report into the potential of the venues’ marketplace recommended a sub-regional approach to extend the catchment area. It suggested the development of closer relationships between venues and existing attenders to increase loyalty and frequency of attendance and to develop crossover attendance. It also recommended communicating the features of the venues, and communicating a strong promoter identity for the Hudawi, using local Black promoters. Endorsement of the venues and usage by Black attenders should be communicated through visual image and text.

| Published:2013

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