Putting passion and purpose on your life map

Putting passion and purpose on your life map

By Jackee Holder


This article focusses on what it is that nurtures and nourishes us as individuals. The author argues that there are two things that often prevent us from achieving our goals - resistance (stopping ourselves from doing the things we want to do) and taking action (actually putting into practice the things that will get us closer to where we want to be). You'll find advice and practical tips on how to put purpose back into your own life map, so that you can become clearer and more motivated.

Stop comparing yourself to people: if we think about resistance, comparison robs you of your passion, enthusiasm and motivation. Like with running – you may have been running for 45 minutes but the minute somebody passes you it’s no longer about how long you’ve been out there or what you are achieving for yourself; immediately your energy and attention goes on the other person, robbing you of your achievement and the progress that you are making in that present moment.

Resource type: | Published: 2013