Podcast: Young people leading the way in museums

Podcast: Young people leading the way in museums

By For Arts Sake


At 22 years old Anna Petrova is making a name for herself as the head of excursions at Odesa Fine Arts Museum, Ukraine. Anna shares her experiences working in 'the pearl of the pearl' of Ukraine and her hopes for the future.

The podcast For Arts' Sake discovers what museums are really for and what people who work there really do. Above all, the podcasts find out what impact museums have on people's life. These stories are about the ground-breaking work that these people do - for arts’ sake and for your sake.

In this episode For Arts' Sake talks to Anna Petrova about breaking taboos and how the museum is a key social hub in the city where people meet, spend time and have fun.


Anna Petrova

Anna Petrova is an art historian and researcher from Odesa who currently works as Head of Excursions at Odesa Fine Arts Museum. Anna has created children's art history learning programmes and currently leads the museum's efforts to coordinate with Ukrainian artists across Europe who are fleeing the war.

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Resource type: Podcasts | Published: 2022