Podcast: Lara Ratnaraja – championing diverse leadership

Podcast: Lara Ratnaraja – championing diverse leadership

By Lara Ratnajara


Hannah Mason, Head of Social Entrepreneur Support, Creative United talks to Lara Ratnaraja, freelance consultant specialising in diversity, leadership and cultural policy. One of a series of AMAculturehive podcasts commissioned for The Learning Lounge, AMA Arts Marketing Festival 2020.

Lara Ratnaraja explores the theme of championing diverse leadership and unpicks terminology including BAME.

Along the way Hannah and Lara discuss:

  • success being a male journey
  • barriers for people of colour moving between junior and senior management
  • the need to recognise colonial mindsets in order to change systemic practice
  • allyship and
  • how digital is democratising practice


Plus some wise interjections from Hannah's dog Snoopy.


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Resource type: Podcasts | Published: 2021