Podcast: All inclusive – museum diversity and festival planning

Podcast: All inclusive – museum diversity and festival planning

By For Arts Sake


Aisling Serrant, Community Engagement Manager at the Museum of London Docklands talks about her creative approach to making the museum a welcoming, inclusive, representative space for all. One of a series of podcasts with museum people by For Arts Sake.

The podcast For Arts' Sake discovers what museums are really for and what people who work there really do. Above all, the podcasts find out what impact museums have on people's life. These stories are about the groundbreaking work that these people do - for arts’ sake and for your sake.

In this episode For Arts' Sake talks to Aisling Serrant about how the Museum of London Docklands are welcoming to all and the nitty-gritty of festival planning.


Aisling Serrant head and shoulders

Aisling directs and manages festivals and other fascinating community events with the Museum of London, Docklands.

Together they seek to make the museum a welcoming, inclusive and representative space for all. Aisling also leads on a contemporary collecting project focused on dress and identity within the Bangladeshi community in London.

Aisling believes inclusivity in museums is vital and is passionate about finding exciting, innovative and fun ways to inspire, challenge and connect people with stories.

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Resource type: Podcasts | Published: 2021