Opportunities for alignment

Opportunities for alignment

By Sally Bagwell
Iona Joy
David Bull
Marina Svistak


This research paper highlights opportunities for collaboration between arts and cultural organisations and public sector commissioners. It provides an overview of the current cultural landscape, examines both the providers and commissioners perspectives and identifies the key areas where their interests match. This report also contains key recommendations and messages for public service providers, commissioners and key strategic influencers.

You can be involved in delivering public services if you explain your work in a way which resonates with commissioners.

  • Be bold in articulating the value of your work and use the strengths of arts and cultural approaches—that they are emotionally and intellectually engaging—to help commissioners see the value of the work.
  • Talk the language of social outcomes, not arts and culture, and tell commissioners how you can help solve their problem—this may require some compromise of language and terminology.
  • Understand the constraints—for example budgets and legal obligations—under which commissioners operate. Showing that you recognise these will help make you a credible partner to influence decisions
Resource type: Research | Published: 2014