Music and healthcare: the benefical impact music has on health

Music and healthcare: the benefical impact music has on health

By Lea Wolf
Dr Thomas Wolf


This study by US based consultancy WolfBrown was commissioned by the Musical Connections program of Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute.  In 2011, on the back of the apparent success that Musical Connections had on impacting participant’s lives, Carnegie Hall made a decision to roll the program out on a national level.  In preparation for this WolfBrown were asked to carry out a piece of work to demonstrate, through extensive desk research, the impact that music has on health and well being.  The study covers a wide variety of health issues and the benefits that music can bring.  It also covers the benefits that music can bring to the relationship between patient and health care provider.


With respect to health care, music can be an effective intervention with patients of every age. Music offers health benefits throughout life, from those born into the neonatal intensive care unit for whom music mediates medically-necessary stress, Music and Health Care through those in hospice care at the end of life who can use music to transcend physical symptoms and declines.

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2014