Museums and the Climate Challenge

Museums and the Climate Challenge


One of a series of videos created by the Alberta Museums Association, Canada demonstrating how museums continue to facilitate and lead conversations around issues that are important to their communities and find innovative and inclusive solutions that impact our future.

Museums and the Climate Challenge from Alberta Museums Association on Vimeo.



Museums and the Climate Challenge is intended to support the global museum community in taking an active role in the fight against climate change. It shares real-life examples of ideas, programs, and services aimed at or implemented by museums regarding climate change or the environment. These practical ideas solidify the concept of museums as agents of change and places of engagement within their communities. With the ideas and tools provided in this video, museums will be able to make changes and engage in a broader dialogue with their communities around these important issues. In a time of increased concern with environmental sustainability, museums can encourage communities to examine how they interact with and care for the environment. With the information provided in these educational videos, museums will be equipped to engage in a broader dialogue with their communities and inspire people to take action to combat climate change and build a more sustainable future.

This video is free to download, share, and distribute by museums and museum professionals around the world. This video was produced in partnership with the Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice and Shadow Light Productions Ltd.

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Resource type: Articles | Published: 2019