Mind the Gap: Career progression for Black marketing professionals

Mind the Gap: Career progression for Black marketing professionals

By Pocc
BRiM Black Representation in Marketing


This report identifies how employers can best support Black marketers to thrive in their roles and progress into senior positions. Written by the creative network Pocc in partnership with BRiM (Black Representation in Marketing).

In the UK, the gap of Black marketing professionals progressing upwards from mid-level to senior level positions is stark. Whilst Black representation in the industry is 3% (equivalent to that in the general UK population) this drops to 1% in C-suite positions (All In Report 2021).

This represents a problem for the industry that requires its own specific attention. A lack of Black marketing professionals occupying decision-making roles impacts the industry’s ability to move forwards and be pushed by diverse perspectives. It also leads to retention and recruitment challenges that come with having fewer role models for junior and mid-level Black talent in the industry looking to thrive.

But what are the barriers and potential solutions for addressing this problem specific to the creative and marketing industry? In this report we delve deeper into the problems facing poor retention and promotion levels of Black mid-level talent into senior positions. By understanding the experiences of those who remain in industry, who has left, and who is considering re-entering, this report looks to cultivate a map connecting points of tension to identify how employers can better support mid-level Black marketers into the senior roles of the future.

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2022