Measuring the effectiveness of digital innovation

Measuring the effectiveness of digital innovation

By Jane Finnis


In order to see whether digital marketing efforts are working, cultural organisations have to measure the right things and use the right tools. This article looks at two case studies: one of a group of major UK institutions conducted by Culture 24, and another by The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. It looks at how to choose the right tools for measuring digital engagement, and how to build analytics into the fabric of projects.

These people (representing a range of performing arts organisations, galleries and museums) have been measuring things online and they wanted to know whether it is working or not. They are not sure they are measuring the right things or using the right tools and so this action research project, How to evaluate online success, started in March 2010 and will end in September 2011. Culture24 coordinated the project and Sebastian Chan was engaged as an external expert.

Failure is not as popular as success, especially within the public sector. Failure can be a good thing; it’s only a problem if you don’t know that you’re failing. The people involved in this project all saw a value in coming together, sharing what they were learning, and benchmarking.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013