Matching your product to the market

Matching your product to the market

By Andrew McIntyre


Andrew McIntyre explores marketing in terms of what a visitor might want to experience and what an arts organisation or curator might want to offer. He proposes the use of a benefits matching model to focus marketing activities on the benefits sought by the visitor and the benefits offered by the arts organisation in order to then communicate those benefits.

Marketers need to annexe what is happening in the building rather than only being responsible for bringing the customer to the door. It’s possible to do this by taking note of what the visitor is doing inside. We can examine what the visitor experience is like for them, whether it is the ambience of the gallery, facilities etc or more interestingly about the visitor’s relation to the objects; their expectations, behaviour, depth of engagement, interpretations used, impact, meanings constructed and what is taken away.

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Attitudes Experience Insight Objectives
Resource type: | Published: 2013