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17th April 2013 Sara Lock

This Way Up – a guide to arts marketing planning

By: Caroline Griffin

A practical hands-on guide to writing a marketing plan and building audiences, aimed at people working in small scale organisations with limited marketing resources.

How to use this guide

This book provides you with a practical hands-on guide to writing a marketing plan. It is aimed at people working in small organisations with limited marketing resources, and at people who aren’t marketing specialists – although marketing may be a key part of their role.

You can go from start to end to follow the individual stages to complete your plan, or you can dip in and out, picking up the sections that are most relevant to you. At the back you will find exercises, suggestions for further reading, a suggested outline for a marketing plan and a sample marketing plan to refer to.

Throughout this book we have used the word ‘audience’ as a cover-all to describe the people that you are hoping to attract. According to your organisation and the work you do, you might usually use a different term, such as participant, visitor, stakeholder, customer or client. The principles of marketing planning are the same whichever term you use, so if audience isn’t the right word for you, substitute it with one that is.

Marketing Plan Structure


1.1 Who we are
1.2 What our audience thinks of us
1.3 What’s happening around us
1.4 Our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)


2.1 Where we’re heading
2.2 How we’ll get there


3.1 Target audiences
3.2 Key messages
3.3 Our audience targets


4.1 Areas for development
4.2 Marketing tools
4.3 Budget overview
4.4 Timetable overview


5.1 Monitoring our success
5.2 Evaluation tools

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