Marketing-led product and campaigns

Marketing-led product and campaigns

By Sally Goldsmith


As arts marketers we help shape the programme our organisations develop, and then focus on generating audience for it. Sometimes we crave the chance to develop activity that we feel will reach or engage people in a different way. With the right approach, persuasion and energy, we can, as ‘audience champions’ within our organisations, create product, develop audience engagement and build campaigns that are marketing-led.

Critical to the success of this campaign was getting support from the team. By developing a thorough campaign plan with clear aims and identifying the other arts organisations participating, I was able to make a persuasive case to the senior team and get their agreement to be involved. The use of the elephant as a tool for marketing a ‘serious art exhibition’ could have been problematic, but involving the exhibitions team in the development of the design overcame any possible difficulties.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013