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9th September 2013 Sara Lock

How Manchester Museum uses blogs to encourage participation

By: Steve Devine

The ways in which Manchester Museum shares information and engages with its visitors has changed considerably in recent years. Since its first blog was published in 2007, the number of Manchester Museum blogs has grown. In this case study, Steve Devine, new media officer at Manchester Museum, discusses how blogging allows the museum to broadcast information but more importantly allows its visitors to participate and get involved. Blogs enable small but passionate niche audiences to engage globally.


  • Provide a means for our visitors to experience the behind-the-scenes work of which they would otherwise be unaware.
  • Communicates our activities and events while keeping our collection at the heart of the discussion.
  • Engages with subject specialist networks and provide means for direct contact with curators.
  • Defines and facilitates space(s) for communication and community.

Target audience
This varies across our blogs but in general there is a focus on the niche or subject specialist audience -approached in such a way as to interest and involve, rather than intimidate or exclude our existing audiences.

| Published:2013

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