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6th February 2013 Sara Lock

Get creative with practical team building

By: Lisa Baxter

Lisa Baxter is no team-building expert but her work creates great teams and in this article she explains how team building is about creating a climate of positive, productive co-working where the talents of the team are valued and realised in relation to some goal or purpose they all share.

I rarely hold meetings because I don’t find them to be an effective format for group decision making. Usually, a
meeting is where a group of people sit down round a table and talk. Entrenched organisational culture
tends to take hold, patterned thinking kills fresh ideas, hierarchies assume authority, and the rest of the ‘team’
assume the role of the supporting cast. Sound familiar? The upshot is that team meetings (in their most
traditional, agenda-driven sense) rarely build and nourish great teams.

| Published:2013

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