Live streaming productions for independent producers and small-scale venues

Live streaming productions for independent producers and small-scale venues

By Chris Mellor


An evaluation of the approach Camden Theatres took in setting up paid live streaming for the Camden Fringe in 2010 and 2011. The report first outlines the issues for independent producers and small venues, and goes on to look at the tools available, and how they can work together to grow audiences through online video streaming. It considers who the audience is for digital work; how small-scale producers can use social media; how to set up virtual box office agreements,and the cost of live streaming kit. It also highlights how, through streaming and clever use of social media, new income and valuable data can be created for fringe operators.

Producers need to ensure all the creative team has a role to play in the digital social media strategy delivery from ensuring lighting levels are high enough for online viewing to see, to policy on filming rehearsals, and creating pre-production creative content.

Producers working with live streaming need to ensure that it is as for them, and their audience both an economic and cultural worth. For Producers of low budget work, there maybe a way of at last generating an income stream, that rewards their risk taking, creative talents and holistic approach to ’going digital’.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013