Libraries as Start-ups

Libraries as Start-ups

By Brian Pichman


These days, people aren’t just checking out books at the library – increasingly, they’re making things there. Brian Pichman from the US-based The Evolve Project, which aims to change the way people see libraries, discusses the new collaborative and creative uses of libraries being successfully trialed around the world, including maker spaces and fab labs, and argues that libraries should foster a “start-up” culture.

Libraries can rebuild that collaboration. After they identify the community experts, they can encourage brain-storming sessions and utilize the maker space rooms to help people build upon those ideas. Libraries have the ability to help patrons build a website, create logos, write business plans, do product research, copyright/patent checks. Libraries should be about making connections within its community to that patron along with utilizing the libraries online databases/physical collection.

Resource type: | Published: 2014