Libraries Accreditation scheme

Libraries Accreditation scheme

By Hopkins Van Mil


Report and recommendations on the MLA Accreditation scheme which: o Provided MLA with a clear picture of the levels of support for the development of Accreditation; o Assessed the levels of resistance to the proposed changes; o Encouraged discussion to gain insight on views about developing requirements and refining the processes for Accreditation. Main recommendations included: 1. One size does not fit all 2. Simplify and improve, don’t develop new areas (yet) 3. Introduce development areas as options 4. Improve the visitor experience requirement 5. Further develop collections management section 6. Harmonisation with other standards 7. Increased access to guidance and support 8. Articulate benefits to National Museums 9. Reconnect Accreditation with stakeholders 10. Promote Accreditation as a professional and public facing kite mark 11. Continue consultation process 12. Cross reference research and draw conclusions.

Participants in the consultation process asked MLA to be very careful about developing the scheme any further without having got the basics right first. They were wary about adding more things for applicants to do and asked for MLA to ensure that monitoring was right first.

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2013