Knowing and Growing Your Audience

Knowing and Growing Your Audience

By Julie Aldridge


Knowing and Growing your Audience is a new Prosper resource from Julie Aldridge helping you to develop a practical and strategic approach to audience development. The guide was adapted from a Prosper webinar delivered as part of Creative United's Prosper programme.

The secret to knowing and growing your audience is being really curious about people. It’s about knowing who your audiences and potential audiences are. And it’s about getting to know them as people – what are they interested in, what do they value, and why?

Finding out more about your audiences’ interests and motivations will help you capture their attention in this busy world. It will help you understand which of your events they might like to get involved in and why so you can create more effective campaigns.

This guide provides an introduction to strategic approaches that you might adopt to start to know and grow your audience.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2018