The changing role of the marketer

The changing role of the marketer


Transcript of a keynote presentation on the changing role of marketers focused on a spectrum of audience engagement / participation.

Earlier on this year the AMA ran a pre-conference forum to discuss how interactive thinking is impacting arts marketing and to consider the implications. With such a range of perspectives from the group in the room there was a healthy mix of opinions.

I was asked to summarise our key findings and so the following material is very much a presentation on behalf of this team peppered with a healthy dose of input from my wonderful colleagues at Southbank Centre.

So, is the role of the marketer changing? Let’s start by considering consumer insights, followed by marketing opportunities. Then, through a range of examples we’ll look at the spectrum of engagement techniques currently being adopted. After, we will consider what this means for the role of a marketer, and if shifts are necessary how we achieve them.

Resource type: | Published: 2012