Key ingredients for successful community engagement

Key ingredients for successful community engagement

By Cynthia Patterson
Judith Rhedin


Cynthia Patterson, Programming, Artist Services and Judith Rhedin, Assistant Director, Campus and Community Engagement of Texas Performing Arts share their thoughts on successful community engagement.  They outline the work of the Campus & Community Engagement Team at the University of Texas based arts centre.  This resource outlines some of the audience development challenges (and benefits) of being a university-based performing arts organisation.   

3. Making relevant faculty ‘connections’

Being a university-based arts organisation has its advantages, the main one being the access to contacts and resources across campus to add depth to the educational value of events e.g. via joint events across campus where relevant and access to speakers/research resources.

The university’s faculty resources are therefore utilised wherever possible e.g. research on the themes/styles presented in a given production (particularly new writing/contemporary work) is carried out at relevant faculties (where relationships exist) to ensure that it is relevantly communicated to appropriate community audiences and partners.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014