IT and technology in arts organisations

IT and technology in arts organisations


A survey of arts managers in Canada and USA to gather information about the ways in which technology is used. It explores:
  • the types of technology currently used in the field
  • the extent to which arts and cultural organisations devote resources to technology
  • how organisations seek advice or assistance when dealing with IT-related issues
  • how satisfied arts managers are with their organisations’ level of technology adoption
  • the types of technology that organisations plan to implement in the near future

The survey responses confirmed our assumption that technology usage and implementation rates differ most dramatically in relation to an organization’s annual operating budget size.

Social networking sites were the most commonly used technology by arts organizations of all budget sizes. Respondents indicated that social networking currently outpaces direct marketing usage in the field. Even so, direct email marketing remains one of the most commonly used technologies by arts organizations in general, followed closely by graphic/print design software.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013