Introducing Culture Segments

Introducing Culture Segments

By Morris Hargreaves McIntyre


Understand your audience and target them more accurately with this introductory guide to the Culture Segments sector-specific segmentation system. It explains each segment's motivations and habits, allowing you to begin applying it in your own marketing work.

Culture Segments

Culture Segments is a new, sector-specific segmentation system for culture and heritage organisations.

The principle objective of Culture Segments is to provide the sector with a shared language for understanding the audience, with a view to targeting them more accurately, engaging them more deeply and building lasting relationships.

Culture Segments is designed to be more subtle, granular and sophisticated than existing segmentation systems. This is because it is based on people's cultural values and motivations. These cultural values define the person and frame their attitudes, lifestyle choice and behaviour.

The segments are distinguished from one another by deeply-held beliefs about the role that art and culture play in their lives, enabling you to get to the heart of what motivates them and develop strategies to engage them more deeply.

Culture Segments has highly practical applications. The system is TGI-ready, which means you can use it with your media-planning agency to increase effectiveness. It uses a small set of Golden Questions, which can easily be included in audience surveys or databases to evaluate the success of campaigns and better understand your existing audiences. The system can also be used to recruit focus group respondents and build online panels to explore your brand, test marketing campaigns and inform product development.

Download the guide to read more:
Introducing Culture Segments (PDF)

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013