Integrating development and marketing functions within arts organisations

Integrating development and marketing functions within arts organisations

By Jane Donald


In this article, Dr Jane Donald, Director of External Relations for the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, discusses the case for integrating development and marketing functions using her practical experience. She explores the business reasons for combining these functions including the strategic and tactical benefits.

Successful marketing and fundraising is founded on making a strong case for the organisation and telling the right people about it at the right time. And the background to all successful campaigns is the established reputation of the Orchestra. Managing and building the organisation’s brand (traditionally thought of as the preserve of marketing) and developing a case for support (an activity generally undertaken by the development department) are inescapably linked. The recognition of synergies is desirable. Reputation matters to all our departments. But what integration has done has been to establish a unified team which is particularly aware of the sensitivity and importance of clear, consistent and compelling messaging to all our external constituents.

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Resource type: | Published: 2014