Instagram: how to build a following for the arts

Instagram: how to build a following for the arts

By Mark Lewis
Matt Scutt


Velo Marketing shares its top tips for building an engaged following on Instagram.

Instagram: tell me more

Instagram enables brands to build and engage communities for striking visual content and video. Primarily as a smartphone app, Instagram allows you to enhance images using creative filters, share your content to other social networks and link with other popular apps (e.g. Flickr) to give your image library the biggest possible audience. By adding descriptions, tags and hashtags, Instagram provides numerous ways to tap into their global user base.

Should you include Instagram in your marketing plan?

It can be hard to keep up with the demands and developments in social media. Here's why you should be building Instagram into your social media workload.

Instagram gives you access to a global audience searching for stimulating, shareable visual content. Compared to other services such as Flickr (90 million), Instagram leads the way with its 400 million active monthly users.

How do you get started and build a community?

So you've decided to give Instagram a try. Here's our top tips to building an engaged following:

  1. Think creatively about the unique assets and experiences you can access and share
  2. Prioritise rich, visually stimulating and good quality content with a mixture of photos, video and designed advertising
  3. Post regularly, ideally daily and create an enthusiastic Instagram personality

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2016