Innovative packaging for donors and sponsors

Innovative packaging for donors and sponsors

By Wendy Smithers


The Ministry of Stories is a creative writing and mentoring centre in East London, which opened in 2010. It uses storytelling to inspire young people aged 8-18 in the belief that writing unleashes their imaginations and builds confidence, self-respect and communication. The MoS is located behind a real shop the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, which only sells everything a discerning monster might need but delivers enough retail income to pay the rent and more. This case study describes the creative approach to fundraising the MoS team have successfully adopted.

The offer

For three-figure donations, positions are available in the Stationery Department, and for donations of £1,000 and above, you can create a more literary role, such as the Minister for Rightful Comeuppances, Chancellor for Cyberpunk or Literacy Zar. These jobs entail no actual responsibilities whatsoever, just the satisfaction of donors and sponsors knowing their donation has helped MoS achieve its aims and reach more children.

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014