Income spectrum: finding the right income mix

Income spectrum: finding the right income mix



This useful income spectrum tool will help you understand your income options and make stronger funding decisions for your organisation. It will help you identify the different income streams what will fit with your organisational needs. It looks at the four main streams of income: gifts, grants, contracts and open market. It has been developed by the NCVO to help voluntary and community organisations to develop and implement a sustainable income strategy.

Donor or customer?

Income from sponsorship, membership and fundraising events can be gifts or can be in the open market. It depends on whether the person or organisation is understood to be getting a product or service in exchange for their money. If they are, they are a customer, if not they are a donor. This affects tax and Gift Aid.

Social investment
Social investment means the different types of financing used to create social impact. This includes loans, bonds, capital, equity and many other types of investment in voluntary organisations

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014