Inclusivity & Audiences Day 2024 Playback Pack

Inclusivity & Audiences Day 2024 Playback Pack

By Arts Marketing Association (AMA)


Inclusivity & Audiences Day champions equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work from across our sector. Here's a collection of resources and insights brought together for and from the day to support your journey as an agent of change.

Head and shoulders Lynette Lucas Lynette Lucas. As the Chair of NCVO’s staff REACH Network, Lynette has dedicated her later career to driving impactful change in fostering inclusion and equity. Within NCVO, she has spearheaded numerous race equity initiatives, steering the organisation towards accountability in their quest to become an anti-racist entity.

Lynette shares NCVO's work around inclusive language.

Lynette in conversation with AMA's Head of Diversity Bea Udeh.


Head and shoulders Charlie Morrison Charlie Morrison. Charlie is Executive Director at Walk the Plank — a renowned outdoor arts company working nationally and internationally. He’s been a senior manager and leader in arts charities since 2008 and is a Clore Fellow. Charlie believes passionately in creativity and the impact of the arts, and the importance of ambitious, adventurous, genuine, caring, well run arts organisations.

Charlie in conversation with AMA's Head of Diversity Bea Udeh.


A group of people sat outdoors at a wooden table. A series of three blogs looking 'behind the scenes' at Walk the Plank's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Journey.

Blog 1 - Stronger together

Blog 2 - Production and producing 

Blog 3 - Marketing, communications and recruitment

Speakers share their responses to this question from Bea Udeh:

Thinking creatively, but essentially, if this session was a part of your nutritious everyday diet which vitamin, fruit or veg would it be and why - or what function or benefit does your 'session' provide to you, your organisation OR your audience?


Moiz Siddiqi head and shoulders Moiz Siddiqi. Former Youth Mayor of Derby, mental health researcher and current aspiring nuclear astronaut, Moiz Siddiqi is the founder of Project Me-Eco, exploring innovative ways to tackle climate change and the mental health crisis.

"Exploring the cultural differences and perceptions of mental health is not something we talk openly about.   Breaking the stigma - it is in our control.  In our organisations we can create  a cultivating  environment – where we can support."


Dr Nurin Veis head and shoulders Dr. Nurin Veis. Nurin is  Director of Museums Victoria Research Institute bringing together the areas of First Peoples knowledge, science, technology, history, and contemporary museums., with an emphasis on a multidisciplinary, place-based approach to healing Country, health, and wellbeing.

"Melbourne Museum is an apple, an Anglo centric organisation, with traditions at its core.  I'm a pineapple, a non-Anglo addition to the table.  I see my role as supporting the constant exploration and access to the State collection that belongs to the people. "


Head and shoulders Andy Boreham Andy Boreham. Head of Marketing at Bristol Beacon and AMA board member.

" I like the idea of a conscious attention to EDI as part of daily practice and routine, so IA Day and its outcomes would have to be most akin to my morning glass of orange juice – it’s a conscious choice at the start of each day to get a vitalising hit of vitamins and  goodness for the benefit of long term health. I like to think of this in the same way. I want to leave delegates with a tangible next step – the spark of an idea to put into action.2


Head and shoulders Darren Pih Darren Pih. Darren leads the inclusive and ambitious programme strategy for Harewood House.  Whilst at Harewood, he has developed new regional and national programme and academic research partnerships. He is devising the 2024-5 programme and co-curating Create/Elevate: 2024 Harewood Biennial. This engages with discourses around inclusion, decoloniality and environmental sustainability.

Darren in conversation with AMA's Head of Diversity, Bea Udeh and Amy Rich.


Amy Rich head and shoulders Amy Rich. Amy is the Communities and Campaigns Officer at the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER). She co-ordinates CRER’s work on Black History and this involves working within communities in Glasgow. Some of the organisations and projects she is involved in include the Glasgow Voluntary Race Equality Network and the programme of events for Black History Month Scotland and the campaign to make it year-round.

Amy in conversation with Darren Pih and AMA's Head of Diversity, Bea Udeh. 

For more check out our living selection of resources curated to support anyone interested in or actively working on inclusivity processes, diversity or audience development and inclusion.

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