In the space everyone can watch you stream

In the space everyone can watch you stream

By Bill Thompson


Introducing the first iteration of The Space, a BBC and Arts Council England partnership project, which provided a digital platform to distribute art. Such projects have the potential to change the way that audiences engage with culture. This presentation helped marketers understand what it meant, how best to prepare organisations and how to move forward to meet the needs of future audiences.

There are some issues which have arisen in developing this… digitisation, architecture, technology, identity, usable meta-data, processes, compliance, funding, cataloguing and rights. The one that obsesses me is the meta-data. If we had usable meta-data we wouldn’t need Google to search for it any more because the asset would advertise itself when we went looking for it. Search engines solve the problem of not having adequate metadata.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014