In praise of projects: funding an independent museum

In praise of projects: funding an independent museum

By Ana Osborne


The Thorney Society, a community charity in the village of Thorney just outside Peterborough, has run the independent Thorney Museum since 1987. Housed in a converted Victorian building, it is open to the public during the Summer. In 2013,  the Thorney Society approached the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) East of England for funding to develop resources for people with visual impairments. This case study describes the objectives, process and outcomes of this successful funding application.

Key points for effective practice

  • Thorney Museum was successful in receiving a grant as it had carefully considered the aims of the funder it was approaching and had developed a project that clearly matched HLF criteria.
  • In addition, they had clearly identified gaps in expertise, and developed strong partnerships (with local heritage organisations and the RNIB) to support this. The project responded to a local need and this was well described.
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2015