Imagine your organisation dedicated to public engagement

Imagine your organisation dedicated to public engagement

By Dan Germain


Following an instinctive approach to building a business and customer relationship management has helped Innocent Drinks to become a market leader.  This guide focuses on knowing what you're about and communicating that effectively, ensuring that brand buy-in and commitment to customer satisfaction are understood throughout the organisation.

Having an idea for a business is relatively simple, as many of us will know. However, making the idea happen is a different matter: this is the hard bit. Ideas are free and relatively free to have (they can also be rubbish – like an electric bath). The innocent guys had some rubbish ideas before they came up with smoothies.

Too often, though, businesses end up forgetting what they set out to do. When the people running the business stop following their instinct and stop being open to the people who make the business for them, then the wrong choices are made, as you can see here. Not enough people at the top of businesses follow their gut instincts and just push on with doing the thing that they know is right.


Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013