Hyperlocal journalism and your cultural organisation

Hyperlocal journalism and your cultural organisation

By Sarah Hartley


What is ‘hyperlocal’ journalism and how can it help you? Local websites and blogs can be both a useful source of information and also a vital link to communities for arts and cultural audiences as Sarah Hartley from hyperlocal experts Talk About Local explains in this guide.

In truth, the term ‘hyperlocal’ has become a bit of a catch-all term for all manner of online publishing that’s based around a place so don’t let the title put you off, there’s plenty to be gained by engaging with these publishers. We could be talking about websites or blogs, YouTube channels or even a Twitter stream or Facebook page but the one unifying factor is that the locality is the defining thing. And there are hundreds of these services operating up and down the UK.

Most of these sites are operated by small groups of volunteers or individuals giving up their spare time to run them and with tiny or non-existent budgets. So how could they help with your arts marketing activity?

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013