How to work with arts ambassadors

How to work with arts ambassadors

By Mel Larsen
Arts Council England


What makes a good arts ambassador?  How useful can they be as a marketing tool for your organisation? How do you get started on recruiting ambassadors that will bring real benefits?  With top tips and words of caution, this step by step approach to promotion and development through ambassadors will offer the tools you need to generate real impact.

An ambassador, or diplomat, acts as a communication bridge between two parties. In this guide, the term arts ambassador is used to mean:
‘A community networker with the objective of spreading the word about arts and cultural events and/or representing the views and aspirations of a target community'.

Arts ambassadors can be used as a kick-start or booster for core campaigns using traditional tools such as direct mail or print distribution. They are also employed when other methods have just not worked, typically in situations where long-term relationship building is required to overcome competition, audience inertia or misconceptions. A skilled ambassador can address customer concerns on the spot, and is able to overcome some of the key barriers to arts attendance.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013