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7th November 2013 Sara Lock

How to use the internet now

By: MuBu Project Team

The internet (Web 2.0) offers many opportunities to communicate with users and engage new audiences using free online resources. This guide will help you to make the most of social networking, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, podcasting, video and more. Examples relate to museums, with special features outlining benefits and considerations.

Twitter is often used by museums to broadcast the latest news, advertise blog posts and interact with visitors. Twitter enables easy group communication. What makes it so valuable is its immediacy – as soon as you post, your followers can see what you’ve written and respond.

The Dr. Samuel Johnson account demonstrates a particularly creative and interesting way to use Twitter. Someone has taken on the persona of Dr. Samuel Johnson (d. 1784) and tweets using the kind of language he would have used when alive.

| Published:2013

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