How to promote live music

How to promote live music

By Generator


Generator is recognised as the UK’s leading music development agency and, among other projects, it runs Mapped Out, a development programme for emerging live music promoters. Generator has set up a touring network and supports promoters with practical audience development and marketing.  Bob Allan organises Generator's programme of advice sessions, master classes, training courses, seminars, conferences and showcases for UK talent. In this guide he provides the do's and don'ts of promoting live music in rural areas.


...research – spending time on listening to new music, finding out which agents work with the best new talent and going to see regional shows should be a big (and enjoyable) part of being a promoter. talent – it is important you can spot the artists who will build you a reputation that audiences can trust. You can do this at a local level by helping to develop artists with potential but you can also bring in talent from around the country by building relationships with live agents. networks – this is important within your locale as well as neighbouring areas. Building a relationship with artists, sound engineers, other promoters, DJs, bloggers, printers, agents, studios etc... can be hugely beneficial to your shows. Word-of-mouth is key!

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014