How to optimise audience engagement online

How to optimise audience engagement online

By Vicki Allpress Hill


Build a closer and stronger relationship with your audience with tips from this presentation by Vicki Allpress Hill.

Audience (n)

  • The assembled spectators or listeners at a public event
  • The readership of a book, magazine or newspaper

Engage (v)

  • Attract or involve (someone's interest or attention)
  • Participate or become involved with

In 90 minutes time, you'll have some ideas about:

  • ways to engage with audiences online
  • how to assess how well you are doing
  • how the pilot Optimise project went (video)
  • working through the challenges (group discussion)
  • how to approach writing an online marketing plan
  • and you'll take away a Tip Sheet plus The Audience Connection digital marketing planning frameworks

Four key ways to engage with your audience online:

  1. Facilitate an initial connection
  2. Encourage and enable a conversation to start
  3. Enhance their understanding and enjoyment
  4. Encourage the leap to becoming a customer

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013