How to manage multiple priorities

How to manage multiple priorities

By Jane Richardson


How can you manage a mix of priorities while still meeting the targets and expectations of artists, funders and line managers? How should you decide on your top priorities? This article describes how to manage your time effectively in order to achieve a balanced working pattern while still meeting all your objectives and deadlines.

Time management and prioritisation is very much down to what works best for the individual. There is no magic formula; it’s about identifying the tools and techniques that work best for you and your organisation.

By a show of hands, most seminar delegates revealed that they write ‘to do’ lists.

Jane advised delegates not to confuse what they write on the list with what their key priorities are. One useful tip is to identify one main priority that you would like to achieve during the day and to make that your key focus. Another tip is to try to cluster tasks into more manageable pockets of work.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013