How to develop a successful mobile app

How to develop a successful mobile app

By Hugh Wallace


National Museums Scotland formally launched its Museum Explorer mobile app in October 2012. The app is available to download on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and challenges visitors to discover and explore the museum by tracking down nine mystery objects to find 4-digit codes to unlock special explorer badges. Collecting all nine badges enables visitors to become the ultimate museum explorer. In this case study, Hugh Wallace, Head of Digital Media at National Museums Scotland, describes the processes behind the development of this new app.

Key points for effective practice

  • Do people really want to share? Despite one of the main premises of the app being to create something unique and encouraging people to share it, we’ve seen very little evidence of this ‘in the wild’, and the stats suggest this is one of the least used functions of the app.
  • Strong facilitation is key. To get the most out of workshops/creative sessions you need expertise to help guide the process and importantly, with a strong sense of what is and isn’t possible when it comes to the implementation of technology.
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013