How to design effective e-mail marketing campaigns

How to design effective e-mail marketing campaigns


Purple Seven’s Vital Statistics box office analysis system is the starting point for this presentation to the AMA New Media Marketing Day, on creating the best email marketing campaigns. It covers such aspects as why use email, driving visits to your website, boosting email sign-up rates, best practice in design for an email, the use of mages, how to adapt for mobile devices, and monitoring your email effectiveness.

What makes good e-mail design?

Opening this question up to delegates elicited these responses – less is more, attractive but having the ability to read text within different formats, links which work, easy to read text in which the eye is guided rather than having reams of text.

There are some golden rules. For example, the longer you have been on an e-mail list, the more unlikely you are to open the e-mail (because you know what’s there). If you do the same thing all the time, the opening rate will decline. Therefore, it’s important to take people on a journey and change things around.

Regular communication is important, but make sure you have something to say that needs to be said rather than putting out frequent boring e-mails which don’t stimulate interest. The research showed that the desired frequency of e-mails by customers was

• 60% at least monthly

• 20% more than once a month

• 20% less than once a month

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013