How to create successful email signatures

How to create successful email signatures

By Susan Hallam


You may think that an email signature is just something to be thrown together at the bottom of your email; but this is probably the first time a customer has seen the branding of your business. Not enough due care and attention is paid towards the outward look of one of the most important communication tools in your arsenal. This guide show you how to create an email signature with impact, that will drive people towards your online presence and keep your core brand image running throughout every aspect of your organisation.

This paper discusses what may be the single most important piece of digital stationary your prospective customers, your existing customers, and your suppliers will see on an almost daily basis.

Email signatures are one of those deceptively simple but high impact marketing techniques that might slip under your business radar.

Certainly it is worth spending time and effort in getting your signature right.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013