How to carry out a visitor survey

How to carry out a visitor survey

By The Audience Agency


This helpful guide on undertaking marketing research explains how to successfully and professionally carry out a visitor survey. You'll find information about different types of questionnaire, sampling methods, sample sizes, and how to disseminate a survey. Part 2 here looks at sampling size and methods, as well as how best to disseminate the questionnaires.

A few points to remember:

• Keep the questionnaire short.
• Provide plenty of pens, and make sure the pile is restocked regularly.
• Make sure the system for returning completed surveys is easy and obvious. Ensure the confidentiality of the responses by providing a post box securely attached to the permanent fittings.

Random sample A random sample is the most accurate of all, and allows similarities or differences to be drawn between the sample and the population. In a random sample everyone has an equal chance of being looked at in the survey. This may be done by surveying every tenth person through the gallery door.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013