How to build staff commitment: a case study

How to build staff commitment: a case study

By Alec Coles


Empowering and motivating staff is key to internal audience development and brand communication. The author of this article describes the challenges of building commitment amongst staff and highlights his points through a relevant and practical case study from Tyne and Wear Museums. He argues that organisations must ensure efficient communication occurs across all levels, that common goals are established, success and achievements are celebrated and cross-site and cross-disciplinary teams are implemented.

Keep people informed: TWM holds two meetings a year with as many staff as possible where people are acknowledged and informed. They get good and the bad news.

Use the right medium: it would be much cheaper to e-mail the newsletter to staff, but the staff have requested a paper format so it costs the organisation £5- 6K a year, plus a dedicated member of staff. The response has been phenomenal and justifies the cost.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013