How research can make your marketing more strategic

How research can make your marketing more strategic

By Rachael Easton
Leo Sharrock


This seminar looks at how research can provide insight into audiences that will lead to robust business planning, more strategic marketing, and make your communications more effective. Taking Research, Why Bother? As it’s starting point It provides an overview of different research tools that can equip your organisation to engage with its public, and become more successful as a result.

Portsmouth PIFs Project

So-called because of the ACORN group called PIFs – Post Industrial Families. Acorn stands for A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods and is a popular socio-demographic profiling tool.

We were approached by Portsmouth City Museum and Portsmouth City Council to analyse the cultural offering in Portsmouth and to see how the museum fitted in. It began desk research – undertaking an audit of the different organisations in the area. We then asked them about the information they were capturing as a result of ticketing and surveys and where possible used this data to build up a picture of the audiences in Portsmouth.

Interestingly we discovered as a result of the mapping and profiling that the ACORN ‘Post Industrial Families’ group featured strongly in Portsmouth. In the UK as a whole they make up about 4% of the population but in Portsmouth it is over 20%. Looking at their profile it looks like they are not strong arts attenders. This could be seen as a problem but you could also turn it into an opportunity or challenge and because it is a large group it could be fertile ground if the right offer and connection could be made.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013